Way too many distractions

Another month and suddenly I realised it’s been at least 3 months since I updated my blog.  Nothing changes, does it? Plenty of distractions in that time, including taking up a new ‘hobby’ with a view to getting fitter and also more fresh air at the same time.  One week in and I’ve ridden almost 15 miles, and then the weather turned so the bike is staying firmly secured until things improve.

What did I buy? I hear you asking… it’s a Boardman Hybrid Comp – fast road bike but with straight bars and disk breaks. Great service from Chris at Halfords in Shoreham by Sea too!

La Condamine from Rocher
La Condamine from Rocher

Meanwhile a recent trip to Monaco and Nice was quite productive – both business wise and in terms of photography.  I will add that the bad weather seems to be following me around!

Monaco itself was a whirlwind of meetings and opportunities to see areas of the principality I’ve not managed to see before.  Having only previously been during the Monaco Historic or Formula One Grand Prix it’s quite interesting to see how the place is so very different outside of the two major events everyone seems to have heard of!

Car spotting - Monaco
Car spotting – Monaco

On a somewhat unrelated note, recently going through some photographs that we have printed by Whitewall UK – fabulous service and the quality of the product speaks for itself!  One particular image that has been left in almost direct sunlight shows no signs of fading and the death of contrast remains as good as always (it’s B&W). Well worth checking them out.

There I said it, plenty of distractions in the last couple of months – and plenty of distracted comments in this blog post.  Really must concentrate!  At the same time, long may the distractions continue – as I plan 3 weeks in Monaco (historic GP, some down time and then F1) and how exactly I can get all my luggage, camera gear AND bicycle onto a BA flight without paying silly amounts for excess luggage (and keep my fingers crossed it all gets there and back in one piece).

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