Thoughts turning to Monaco F1 2019

Let’s start by saying, no… it’s not stopped raining yet. Well, OK, it’s stopped occasionally but not enough to get out on the bike very often. So my thoughts have really turned to Monaco F1 in 2019 – probably works’ next big event!

Monaco F1 2019 – that’s ages away!

Well, yes, it is – but also sales are there or thereabouts the same as in past years and that means some of the best options are already getting towards ‘limited availability’.

There’s also some great news too. Mainly surrounding the Hotel de Paris and the return of the Garnier Suite, and it’s smaller sibling, the ‘Casino Square Suite’. ¬†Given the choice of either, we’d probably go with the smaller option just because it never feels as busy.

I’ve just re-edited some images from 2014 – the last time we had these options – for the work websites. So thought I’d share them here.

Suite interior

Suite interior, Casino Square Suite

Whilst the suite interior will have been updated during the 4-year refurbishment of the Hotel de Paris, it still gives potential guests a good idea of what the facility will be like.

Stunning buffet-style food

Food, and drink, is a very important part of our hospitality facilities. The Hotel de Paris’ superb kitchen produces some beautiful food. And it always tastes great too!

Great track views for the Monaco F1 weekend

The view, well part of it, from the Casino Square Suite. ¬†Here we’re looking down on, I think, Kimi Raikkonen. It’s certainly a Ferrari…

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