Stock photography

For a while now I’ve been posting images to Shutterstock – a micro-stock photographic agency. And selling image licences too! But it’s just a trickle of income that offsets a small amount of the money that I’ve spent over the past few years on equipment, travel costs etc. (You can see my portfolio here).

Time to step it up a gear – so I’ve registered with BIGStock and iStock – the former is actually owned by Shutterstock, the latter is one of the Getty stable of photo agencies.

Interesting to see the different ways these agencies work.  Shutterstock is all about customers buying a monthly subscription (you can just buy one month) and paying a relatively low flat rate when sales happen.

BIGStock is more about low volume users – at a higher cost per image. Equally they payout a minimum of twice the lowest payment on Shutterstock!

iStock seems to be slightly different. ¬†Uploads via their website seem very slow at times – but fortunately I’ve found an app that does the job for me, speeding things up somewhat. Commission payments are a very small percentage – but the prices seem higher again to start with so hopefully that will balance out.

Will be interesting to report back later on what’s actually happened with my stock library, which site offers best returns/sales and so much more.

BIGStock already have a (small) black mark against them though! My top selling image on Shutterstock has apparently developed artefacts and therefore can’t be accepted!!!

In the meantime, it’s back to uploading – there’s plenty to do and thousands of keywords to add!

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