It’s RideLondon this weekend…

After all the training, we’ve finally made it! It’s the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 this weekend (Sunday 29 July 2018).

What’s that then? RideLondon-Surrey 100?

The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 (to give it it’s full title) is a 100 mile closed-road sportive. A sportive is cycling event that isn’t competitive but is timed, with the intention of encouraging people to cycle more.  It’s a challenge for the participants who often use the event as a way to raise money for a variety of challenges.

So how’s the training gone?

Yes, this is an event you need to train for – any 100 mile ride is going to require some training to complete (and hopefully avoid injury).  In previous years a number of people have been serious injured (there’s even been a death) along the route. Talking of which, it starts out fairly flat but has 3 fairly nasty hills from 45 to 70 miles…

Rather than link to a video, here’s my most recent long ride in graphical format

Relive ‘Morning Ride – South Downs Solo’

Quick roadside selfie - just south of ArundelThis was a 65 mile run from Hove via Devil’s Dyke to Albourne. Onwards to Partridge Green, then Steyning the route headed to Washington and Storrington. I will be honest and admit I’d forgotten about some of the hills along this road!  From Storrington I headed south towards Arundel via Amberley and Bury Hill which fairly closely recreates one of the hills on the RideLondon route.

From Arundel it was a short hop via Ford Airfield down to Littlehampton where I took a small wrong turn and ended up on the dual carriageway rather than the older road… oh well! Then a short double-back to get down to Sea Lane Ferring and then the run straight along the coast for home.  4h 30 minutes roughly, well spent!

But RideLondon is 100 miles…

Yes, I know!  But it’s also 100 miles in a pack with other riders.  Almost all my training rides have been on my own. So I’m fighting the wind the entire way and don’t really have the chance to sit back and recover.  RideLondon also has food and drink stations along the way (and therefore a good excuse to stop). My training rides have been largely non-stop.

Any other targets beyond 100 miles?

Well, yes – 2 really. Firstly to complete the event at an average speed somewhere just above 15 mph – which should give me a total time around 6h30. And secondly, to raise a couple of grand for Starlight Children’s Foundation who grant wishes to seriously ill children amongst other things.

Right now I need to achieve the average speed – because that I can control… the second target is proving more challenging.

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