It’s been a while…

Wow, it’s been a long time – a bit more than a while – since I last wrote something on here.  Would love to say time flies when you’re having fun but the last couple of months have been lots of hard work!

So about that ‘while’… what’s been going on?

Well, lots of work both for my main business and various sidelines!

First up a new website for our Monaco Hospitality Packages site – which has led to a review of ALL the company’s sites with a refresh based on the same template now underway.

Fair to say it’s taking quite a while!

The hospitality business is always a little quiet at this time of year – so it’s a good time to do jobs like this. Half of me is hoping that it stays quiet for another couple of weeks, the other half wants more business ‘through the door’ so would like more enquiries NOW!

Incredibly, at the same time I’ve picked up work to rebuild 2 websites for a colleague/friend who is in the same business – in fact we work with Ian on many events – so quite a nice pat on the back that he trusted me with his new websites.  Mind you, it took all of 10 minutes to create a website better than one of his existing ones.  New sites go live at the beginning of December, so no sneaky peaks right now – but consistent look and feel across the sites with simple navigation, set up for desktop, tablet or phone – and with enquiry forms that work!


Yep, a fair amount of that – though mostly for stock images or of motorsport. Got very wet recently at Brands Hatch shooting images of the ‘Victor Meldrew Trophy’… power boats would have been more useful at times!!!


Plenty of cycling been going on! Having said I’d never enter ‘Ride London‘ again, I’m in the ballot… OK so that doesn’t mean I’ll get a place, nor does it mean I have to take up the place, but I didn’t plan on entering so that’s one target for next year.  To give me an even earlier target I’ve also put my name down for priority access to the Great British Cycling Festival sportive in Norfolk next June… should be interesting after a week or so of no riding at the end of May!

Still, despite the weather, I’m getting the miles in on the potholed roads of Sussex!

Think it’s fair to say I’m looking forward to the end of the year – and hopefully some normality…

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