Auto Finesse – it’s a love/hate thing

If you’ve seen some of my earlier posts, you’ll see I’m really rather proud of my current ‘daily driver’ – a 2018 Mercedes Benz E-Class AMG Estate. And one of the things I like to do is to keep it clean. For which I tend to use products by a UK-based company, Auto Finesse.

So why ‘love/hate’?

Simple, really.  I love the product, and the end result – just not the journey.

Let me explain…

Today, whilst cleaning half of the Sahara (or maybe Goodwood) off the car, I’ve snow-foamed, two-bucket washed, dried and then polished the car.

So I started with Auto Finesse ‘Avalanche Snow Foam’ (great product) applied with a Karcher Pressure Washer and Auto Finesse ‘Foam Lance’ (not so good).

The ‘two bucket wash’ uses a couple of large buckets. One for clean, soapy, water – the other for rinsing the wash mitt so as not to transfer dirt into the clean water.  My wash of choice, again, is Auto Finesse ‘Lather’ and everything gets agitated by their ‘Ultra Soft Mitt’. The buckets could do with being colour coded. Maybe one black, the other white – or even the handle colour changing. Currently both are black with white handles!.  The mitt is great, as is the lather wash – at least in my experience.

The drying cloths (like giant micro-fibre cloths really) are generally great. And at a very good price!

Then there’s Auto Finesse ‘Glisten’ – a quick spray polish. A good product, issues with delivery.

So there’s lots of love, but hate?

Well, I hate the fact that the Foam Lance now doesn’t have it’s adjustment knob – because the screw fell out never to be seen again… I called Auto Finesse and was assured someone would come back to me, because the person I spoke to didn’t know what size/thread the screw would be… 6 weeks and I’m still waiting. And this so I can go up the road and buy a replacement.

And there’s more…

Today, whilst getting on with the spray polish the pump broke off from the bottle top.  Now, to apply the polish as a ‘fine mist’ is a two-handed job – so you have to put down the polishing cloth. It might be only a minor inconvenience, but inconvenient it is – especially when working outdoors on a grotty bit of concrete!

What about the end result?

The great thing about the product is that I get a very good result.  It’s just that bit harder than it should be!

I really should take ‘before’ photos, but here’s an ‘after’. Total time ‘invested’ was about 2 hours. But that includes plenty of messing around with the hose and tap (hose frequently ‘blows’ off the tap connector). It also includes some time chatting to the neighbour. And a bit of rewashing when I realised I’d not done the wheels so would need to rinse the bodywork again.

I will say it’s not perfect! I’m not a detailer – so, as happened today, it’s quite possible to find remnants of a dead bug or two still. But then by the end of tomorrow the front will be covered in dead flies and the like after another motorway jaunt. And I’ll have to do it all over again!!!

Now, does anyone know of a firm offering bundles of empty spray bottles? At least I can decant the polish and save some grief!

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